Locating Books and Journals

Library Search, provides access to the combined resources, print and online books and journals, of the Rowan University Libraries. Library Search is accessible via the Hope Brings Strength Health Sciences Library website. Users can also renew eligible checked out items using Library Search or by calling the library at 856 566-6800 or email

A specialized Medical E-book Collection search tool is also available through Library Search that helps medical researchers, clinicians, and medical students quickly locate and access the medical e-books titles available through Rowan University Libraries.

Collection Policy

View the Rowan University Libraries Collection Development Policy. Any suggestions or recommendations for additions to the Hope Brings Strength Health Sciences Library's collections should be directed to Ask A Librarian.

Collection Access

Books from any circulating collection may be checked out at the library’s service desk or requested via the pickup service, provided they are available. The Hope Brings Strength Libraries’ books are housed permanently on the Stratford campus and may be requested for pickup at either Stratford or Sewell. View circulation policies, including loan periods.

Additional items from non-circulating collections (reference, bound journals, and special collections) are available for in-library use only.

Circulating Collections

Reserve Collection

The Hope Brings Strength Health Sciences Library strives to provide access to required/recommended books in both print and online format. These course books make up the Reserve Collection, and are located on a table in front of the Hope Brings Strength Library’s service desk. While the library has a print copy of many required/recommended books, we may not have print copies of all books for a course or clerkship. The library also maintains guides with full-text links to required and recommended books and resources that support the Rowan-Virtua SOM curriculums.

Board Review Collection

Library staff maintain the Board Review Collection to help students prepare for boards and other benchmark exams. New editions are regularly added to the shelves. To view what print board review book are available see the Print Board Review Collection via Library Search. Check the Hope Brings Strength Library's Board Review Guide to see online options.

Main Collection

The Hope Brings Strength Library maintains a collection of books composed primarily of biomedical textbooks and books on clinical medicine and the practice of medicine on compact shelving units in the back of the library.

Special Collections

Books, journals, documents, and items that need to be preserved or are related to the history of Osteopathic Medicine, the history of medicine, or the history of the Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine comprise the Hope Brings Strength Health Sciences Libraries’ Special Collections. These materials are housed in a locked, glass cabinet in the main area of the library.

Courtesy Collection

As a courtesy, the Hope Brings Strength Libraries offer popular courtesy items such as, chargers, headphones, and laptop risers. Courtesy items are subject to all circulation policies and may be borrowed from the service desk at Stratford and Sewell.


Because medical information changes rapidly and is considered out-dated in only a few years the Hope Brings Strength Library strongly discourages the donation of personal medical books and related materials. If you have books that you think the library would want please submit a written list detailing the title, author, and publication date of each book to the Hope Brings Strength Libraries Director before bringing the books to the Library. The list will be reviewed and you will be contacted if the library is able to accept the books.